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Baron Vain
Baron Vain
Gender Male
Hair None
Age Unknown
Voiced by Paul Rugg

Baron Vain is the main antagonistic force in The Modifyers. With a legion of henchmen such as Lacey Shadows and Rat, he tries to execute various evil schemes.

Appearance Edit

He has yellow eyes with red irises, pale blue skin, a pointy chin and a dark reddish cape that extends down to his feet, but since it isn't shown on the pilot.

Powers and Abilities Edit

He plays the organ (see Baron Vain's Organ). 

Relationships Edit

Rat: apparently views him as expendable and annoying, as he didn't hesitate to feed him to his pet fish.

Lacey Shadows: adores her as his number 1 henchman, he is unaware that she is Agent Xero.

Personality Edit

Despite Baron wanting to be a villain, he's a clumsy and silly creature who doesn't want to hurt the innocent. He has a strong fear of Agent Xero's Ring when seen getting startled by just seeing it.

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