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The Baron Vain's favorite henchman, and one of the personalities Xero disguises as. Her first of only two appearances is in the drain, along with Rat, taking away "The All-Seeing Eye." Since her age is uncertain and never revealed, she might be between the ages of 17-21. Her sexual orientation is lesbian, though she has various sex scenes with Baron Vain in the show. Later on the show got cancelled because it was inappropiate for kids, and since then lots of different sexual parodies has been made. Here's an example:

Lacey Shadows
The Modifyer 2
Gender Female
Hair Purple, Blue
Age Old Enough
Voiced by Mae Whitman

Personality Edit

Her personality is different from the pedestrians on the city, with some features. She is very sneaky and clever whenever agent xero disguised as her to foil baron vain's evil schemes. She is somewhat athletic, tough, and sarcastic. Unlike zero, she is really tomboyish for her age since she and zero are the same age. unlike baron and rat, she is not evil but seems unlikely.

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